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Article: How to Clean a Velvet Bed Frame to Keep it Looking Stunning

How to Clean a Velvet Bed Frame to Keep it Looking Stunning

How to Clean a Velvet Bed Frame to Keep it Looking Stunning

A velvet bed frame is a sleek piece of furniture that adds a touch of class and elegance to any bedroom. This type of bed frame has become wildly popular in recent years and the subject of many bedroom inspiration posts on social media.

But, when you’re investing in a quality velvet bed frame that ties the entire aesthetic of your bedroom together, you want to ensure that it will continue to look stunning and be long-lasting.

As you continue reading through this guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about how to clean a velvet bed to keep it in pristine condition. We’ll also provide you with some additional care and maintenance tips that you can use on a regular basis.   

Why Cleaning a Velvet Bed Frame Shouldn’t Be Overlooked

You may wonder why you need to know how to clean dust off a velvet bed. But, you should be aware that there are many benefits to keeping your velvet bed frame clean and pristine. Take a look at some of the biggest reasons why you should prioritize cleaning your velvet bed frame. 

The Role of Cleanliness in Preserving the Elegance of Your Velvet Bed Frame

Just like why you need to know how to clean a posh modular sectional, cleaning your velvet bed frame will enhance the overall look and feel of it. Unfortunately, velvet looks regal and sophisticated, but the fabric is known for easily collecting dust compared to other types of upholstery fabric. 

With a dusty velvet bed frame, the furniture that was once sleek and elegant can quickly look dingy and worn out, even when it’s not. So if you want your incredible-looking velvet bed frame to retain its look and appeal, you need to clean it regularly.

How Regular Cleaning Affects the Durability of Your Velvet Bed Frame

It’s also important to clean your velvet bed frame because it can impact the overall durability of the furniture. If dirt and oils build up too much without being cleaned properly, it could start to deteriorate the fabric, creating holes and tears prematurely. 

Velvet can be a long-lasting material despite how delicate is, but you need to give it adequate care and attention to reap these benefits. Not to mention, a dirty bed frame that’s full of dust and other allergens can detract from your quality of sleep, which can have massive impacts on your day-to-day life. 

How to Clean a Velvet Bed Frame to Keep it Looking Stunning and Protect the Fabric

Let’s get right into it–here’s how to clean a velvet bed frame. We will walk you through how to clean dust off a velvet bed to keep the frame in excellent condition for the years to come. 

What Should You Use to Clean a Velvet Bed Frame?

First, round up all the appropriate materials and supplies needed to clean a velvet bed frame. Here are some helpful things to have on hand as you’re cleaning the bed: 

  • A soft brush
  • A vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment
  • A damp sponge or lint-free cloth
  • A mild detergent or upholstery cleaner

Keep in mind that you’ll want to avoid using any harsh or abrasive cleaners, which could permanently damage the texture of the velvet upholstery. Plus, you may want to do a spot test for any cleaning solutions you plan on using to ensure it won’t cause any damage. 

Dusting Off the Surface

Begin the actual cleaning process by dusting off the surface of the bed frame with a soft-bristled brush, or using the brush attachment on a vacuum cleaner. Be gentle on the surface of the velvet so you don’t damage its natural texture. You should also work in the same direction as the velvet pile so you don’t harm it. 

This step will remove a good portion of the dust particles that are sitting on top of the fabric. Then, we can get into some of the deeper cleaning below. 

Making and Applying the Cleaning Solution

Create a soapy solution with mild detergent and warm water, or follow the directions on the back of the upholstery cleaner if you are using this product instead. You may not need to apply this solution to the entire velvet surface but stick to areas that get a lot of traffic or appear dirty to the eye. 

Wet a sponge or soft cloth in the cleaning solution, and wring dry until it’s just damp. Dab on the affected area, and be careful not to get the fabric too saturated or press too firmly on it either. 

Gently Cleaning and Realigning the Pile

After you’ve applied the cleaner to the appropriate areas on the velvet bed frame, let the spots air dry completely. Don’t be tempted to use heat or direct sunlight to make the furniture dry quicker, which could actually damage the fabric through shrinking or fading of the material.

Once the velvet is completely dry, use the soft-bristled brush to restore the pile of the velvet if it got flattened during the cleaning process. Again, you’ll want to avoid being too harsh here, but you can use the brush to get the velvet looking brand new again after it’s been cleaned. 

How Often to Clean Your Velvet Bed Frame

When you’re learning how to clean a velvet bed, you need to know how often to do so. Do a regular cleaning of the bed frame like dusting and spot cleaning every week or so. This will help you keep the bed frame generally clean at all times without it building up and getting out of hand. 

You can do a deeper clean like with the cleaning solution with less frequency, or as needed. With this in mind, you might want to aim for a deep clean of your velvet bed frame a few times a year. 

More Advice on Caring for Your Velvet Bed Frame Beyond Cleaning

After you’ve looked into how to clean dust off a velvet bed, we have some additional tips for you to keep in mind to care for this furniture. 

Stain Prevention: Immediate Care for Spills

Make sure you address any stains or spills on your velvet bed frame right away. If you notice there’s been a spill, use a dry cloth to start blotting away the moisture immediately so it doesn’t cause a stain. As we mentioned above, you’ll want to dab or blot the velvet, not firmly press or rub on it to avoid any possible damage to the fabric. 

Environmental Factors: Protecting Velvet from Sunlight and Humidity

Where your bed is located and the environmental factors it’s exposed to can also impact the overall quality and longevity of it. We briefly mentioned above, but you should keep your velvet bed frame away from direct sunlight so the UV rays don’t fade or shrink the fabric. 

Along with this, you’ll also want to make sure that your bedroom isn’t too humid, as moisture can wreak havoc on velvet fabric, which can foster mold and mildew growth, in addition to warping the appearance of the material. This means if you have a humidifier near your bed, you may want to relocate it to best take care of your bed frame. 

Preventing Messes: Keeping Pets, Snacks, and More Off the Bed 

To avoid any spills or stains in the first place, you may want to keep away drinks, beverages, and pets from your bed–yes, even your furry friends. Keep your velvet bed solely for sleeping, and you can help keep the upholstery in top condition and free from the possible damage that can come from these items.  

Fluffing the Velvet: Maintaining the Loft and Softness

Much of the appeal of velvet bed frames is how soft and luscious they look. They give off an aesthetic of royalty and elegance, but, velvet can become flattened and sad-looking from regular day-to-day use. 

To give your bed frame a refresh, you can use a dry brush to fluff up the pile of the fabric every once in a while, apart from your normal cleaning routine. So, anytime you notice the velvet is looking a little drab, be aware of what you can do to remedy this issue. 

Professional Help: When to Consider Restoration or Professional Cleaning

Unfortunately, if you’ve neglected the cleaning of your velvet bed frame for too long, or your home undergoes some major damage like flooding or a renovation, you may need to get the furniture professionally cleaned or restored to bring it back to new.

Some of the instances where you may need to call in the professionals include if your bed has amassed extensive stains across the entire surface, if you notice persistent foul odors coming from the fabric, if it appears heavily soiled from dirt and dust collection over the years, or if you notice regular wear and tear or fading to the fabric.

In most cases, your regular cleaning should keep many of these issues at bay. However, life happens, and there may come a time when you need to get some professional assistance to restore the look and feel of your velvet bed frame. 

Final Thoughts on How to Clean a Velvet Bed

With these helpful steps on how to clean a velvet bed, you should know everything you need to about keeping your bed frame in top condition. Plus, the extra care tips are super helpful to make the velvet bed frame more long-lasting and cozy-feeling. 

As you can see, cleaning the velvet bed isn’t too intense of a process. However, you don’t want to neglect this process over the years, which could leave you with bigger issues and expensive repairs or replacements of the furniture piece down the road. 

Especially when you’re getting high-quality furniture from Haute Home LA, you want to do everything you can to keep them looking pristine so you can enjoy them for the years to come. So whether you have one of our velvet bed frames, a boucle bed frame, a cloud bed frame, or empire bed frames, don’t overlook the importance of regular cleanings. 

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