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Article: How Much is a Cloud Bed? The Cost & Value of Investing in Your Sleep

How Much is a Cloud Bed? The Cost & Value of Investing in Your Sleep

How Much is a Cloud Bed? The Cost & Value of Investing in Your Sleep

How Much is a Cloud Bed?Investing in a quality bedroom set is among the most important investments you can ever make in yourself. Your sleeping environment has a direct impact on your health and happiness. It can be the difference between a joyous, energetic lifestyle and a constant state of weariness, brain fog, and irritability.

Creating a bedroom that is cozy and welcoming will help you get endless nights of restful sleep, but you probably want to know exactly what you can expect to pay for something so modern and fresh like the viral ‘cloud bed’. 

You can always find a stunning cloud bed frame at Haute Home LA–how much is a cloud bed, though?

Throughout this article, we’ll discuss what goes into the cloud bed price, whether it’s worth the investment, and help you figure out the cloud bed cost. 

Factors Affecting the Cloud Bed Price Tag

There are many aspects that contribute to the cloud bed cost, so let’s take a look at some of these main factors so you can better understand the value that goes into the price. 

Materials Used in Cloud Bed Construction

For starters, the material that is used in the cloud bed upholstery can make a big difference in its price tag. 

Cloud beds are known for their characteristic white, soft, and plush material. So, the cost of the material can lean towards the higher side depending on its quality, thus impacting the overall price of the bed itself. 

Many cloud beds are made with boucle fabric, which is a more luxurious material that often comes with a higher price tag. But, it also provides a plush feel that other fabrics simply do not offer. 

Size and Dimensions of the Cloud Bed

Additionally, the size and stateliness of the cloud bed are part of what contributes to the overall price. 

Given the dimensions of a typical cloud bed with a base that extends beyond the perimeter of the mattress, these beds have a regal feel that dominates any bedroom and makes the bed the clear focal point of the room. 

With any piece of furniture of this size, you can expect to pay more for the additional materials that go into its construction, in addition to the 5-star hotel feel that it infuses into the bedroom. 

Design Complexity and Additional Features

Another thing that can impact the cloud bed price is the complexity of the design and the additional features that are included in the bed frame. 

The oversized, sleek, and minimalistic design can be hard to pull off all at once. So, the cloud bed frames that are well-designed become an asset in the bedroom and pull the entire aesthetic of the room together. 

You don’t want to settle for just any cloud bed that’s the cheapest. So, you can expect to pay a little more for designs that are of premium quality and look like they’re straight out of a magazine. 

Brand Reputation and Warranty

You will also need to consider the reputation of the brand that’s selling the cloud bed, and what type of warranty they offer. 

If the brand has poor customer reviews and frequent complaints, you won’t really be able to justify paying a high price tag for their furniture. 

But, if you find a brand that has been a trusted name for years with countless satisfied customers, you can feel confident in the investment you’re making, and you’re likely willing to pay a little more for the premium quality. 

Not to mention, if they offer a favorable warranty on their beds, this will also be worth extra, so you can expect to pay more for this added protection as well. 

Shipping and Installation Costs

Lastly, the shipping and installation costs are something to keep in mind when you’re purchasing a cloud bed. Given the size and dimensions of this furniture, the shipping and installation costs will likely be included on top of what you pay for the bed. 

So, pay attention to whether these costs are included in the overall price, or if you’ll be charged these costs on top of the purchase price. 

So, How Much is a Cloud Bed? 

You can see what factors are included in the price of a cloud bed. So, now we can take a look at the specific amount that you can expect to pay if you want to add a quality cloud bed to your bedroom. 

How Much is a Cloud Bed on Average?

From a simple search online, you can see that the price range for cloud beds can vary quite a lot. This includes options as cheap as $460, and as expensive as $2,500. 

Remember the above factors that we laid out for how the cost is based. So, there’s likely variation in the quality of materials, construction, and brand reputation between the cheapest and most expensive options. 

But, you also don’t need to break the bank in order to get the best of the best. There are options out there that offer great value that you deserve–but at reasonable price points. 

How Much is a Cloud Bed at Haute Home LA? 

At Haute Home LA, you’ll notice our price points are right in the middle of the road, which is why we’ve earned a spot in bedrooms across the country. We sell two different cloud beds at Haute Home LA, which are between $1749 and $1799. 

We want our customers to clearly feel the value of the furniture we offer, but we still want it to be affordable enough for individuals everywhere to enjoy. While you came here to learn about the cost of a cloud bed, we want to pose a more important question: is a cloud bed worth it?

Knowing the Cloud Bed Price, is it Worth it?

Making a big investment in your furniture can be intimidating, so you probably want to walk through your purchase and make sure you’re making the right choice with your hard-earned money. Let’s go over some of the important points to keep in mind as you’re weighing the purchase of a cloud bed. 

You Get What You Pay For in Longevity & Durability 

To begin with, it’s true what they say that you get what you pay for. In many cases, paying more for your furniture simply means you’re getting better quality pieces, made from premium fabrics and with great craftsmanship. 

This likely means that the piece will be more durable and have a longer lifespan than the cheaper alternatives. 

So even if you feel like you’re saving money in the short term by purchasing the cheapest cloud bed you can find, you’ll probably end up replacing it in just a few months because of the poor quality materials and construction. 

Thus, we think it’s worth it to pay more for the quality you will receive in return. 

Elevate Your Bedroom’s Style and Create the Sleep Haven of Your Dreams

Most of us spend about a third of our days in bed. So, the ambiance and mood you create in your bedroom can lead to a calmer and happier life during the other two-thirds of your day. 

With a cloud bed, you can add a chic and sophisticated vibe to your room, quickly elevating the style of any bedroom with its sleek and classic design. 

The fluffy fabric and the neutral color mean it’s a great match for any style of design. So from minimalistic to mid-century modern, the cloud bed will perfectly fit into your room and evolve with your style as it changes over time. 

Personal Health Benefits: The Priceless Value of Good Sleep

The quality of your sleep can have a massive impact on your overall quality of life. Thus, it isn’t something you should mess around with or take for granted. 

No matter your age, getting your full 8 hours of sleep each night should be a non-negotiable. So, choosing the right bed that will help you feel at peace, calm, and relaxed is priceless. 

The stately design of a cloud bed means you will feel like a princess each night that you lie down in bed, promoting a quality night’s rest every single night. You can’t put a price tag on good sleep!

Get Your Cloud Bed Frame Today and Create the Dreamy Bedroom Haven You Deserve!

Getting a quality cloud bed doesn’t have to be out of reach when you know the right store to shop from. Continue reading below as we reveal why Haute Home LA should be your top choice for a cloud bed. 

Why Shop With Us?

There are plenty of reasons why you need a cloud bed in your bedroom and plenty more reasons why you need to get your cloud bed from Haute Home LA. 

We have been a trusted seller of home furnishings for a while now, with thousands of customers who have relied on our furniture to make their dream homes a reality. 

Our customers know us for the organic, modern aesthetic we exemplify in each piece, featuring natural materials and light tones that look great in anyone’s home. 

If you want to create a serene space in your bedroom, Haute Home LA furniture is the way to go. With high-quality pieces made from fabulous materials and detailed craftsmanship, our furniture is long-lasting and always offers great value for what you pay for it. 

We Offer Payment Plans if the Cloud Bed Cost Has You Stressed!

If the outright payment isn’t feasible for you all at once, we have a payment plan available to help make the cloud bed cost more affordable!

With Affirm, you can buy your Haute Home LA purchase now and pay it off later! In just a few clicks, you can access the financing you need to bring your dream bedroom to life with classic and quality pieces that will last you for years to come. 

Bringing Our Conversation on the Cloud Bed Cost to a Close

Now you know what you can expect for a cloud bed price tag. With all the amazing features and components included in a cloud bed frame, on top of the stunning aesthetic it provides, it truly is worth every penny. 

When you shop for your cloud bed at Haute Home LA, you can even access our payment plan to make it even easier to make the purchase. 

We want everyone to feel the luxury of waking up in our serene cloud beds–so don’t wait any longer to take yours home today. 

Plus, we have other furniture options for the whole house. So whether you’re deciding between a modular vs sectional sofa or any other type of bed frame, browse through our furniture selection to find a wide array of plush sectional sofas, along with other bed frames like boucle bed frame, bliss velvet bed, chandler bed, and more.

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