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Article: What is Boucle Fabric & What is it Made Of?

What is Boucle Fabric & What is it Made Of?

What is Boucle Fabric & What is it Made Of?

What is Boucle Fabric & What is it Made Of?

If you’ve been online recently, you’ve probably seen people raving about their boucle chairs, sofas, and bed frames. Even from a screen, you can see that these pieces of furniture are stunning–mainly owing to the intriguing and plush look of the boucle fabric they’re made of. 

This material seemingly became popular out of nowhere, so you probably have questions about what is boucle fabric and what makes it so distinctive from other fabric types. 

Read through this article to learn a little bit more about this trendy fabric and what makes it so desirable. At the end, you should have a clear answer for what is boucle fabric used for, and why it’s become the center of chic home inspiration posts. 

What is Boucle Fabric?

Let’s first go over what is boucle fabric before we start talking about why it’s become so popular recently. The fabric is known for its textured appearance with curled loops of yarn in it. In fact, the name itself–boucle–comes from the French word for loops. 

Boucle doesn’t feature a uniform pattern and can vary quite a bit in the density, size, and texture of the loops. As a result, furniture pieces made from boucle fabric often have a unique and cozy look that stands out from other types of fabric. 

What is Boucle Fabric Made Of?

With a better idea of what this is and what it looks like, you may still be wondering–what is boucle fabric made of?

Boucle fabric can be made from a number of different types of both natural and synthetic materials like wool, cotton, silk, or acrylic. So, this fabric can vary, though the main characteristic that it is known for is the irregular pattern and texture of small loops no matter which material is used. 

What is Boucle Fabric Used for - Why is it So Sought After?

As you can see, boucle fabric has some unique characteristics, but it’s made from some of the more common materials that other pieces of furniture are already made from. So what has made boucle so appealing recently? Why are so many people seeking out boucle furniture?

Let’s dive deeper into how boucle fabric is used to illustrate why it’s become so popular and adored. 

A Timeless Classic in the Fashion Industry

To start, boucle fabric may have just hit the mainstream for home decor. However, this fabric has been around for years in the fashion industry. 

Before it was commonly used in upholstery, many clothing manufacturers would use it in apparel and accessories like scarves and handbags given the unique look and aesthetic it offers. Over the years, boucle fabric has remained a staple in the fashion industry due to its timeless and classic look that seemingly never goes out of style. 

Elevating Home Decor Through Texture, Style, and Comfort 

Furniture made from boucle fabric elevates the look of any room given the depth of texture it offers, in addition to the distinct style and comfort it brings into any space. So if you’ve been looking for ways to make your space look more sophisticated and grown up, boucle fabric is an excellent choice to help you accomplish this. 

Given its soft, lush feel, boucle furniture and decor pieces like pillows instantly add warmth to a room, making it an inviting and comforting space that you never want to leave. All of this is to say boucle fabric offers a luxurious feel that makes your home feel like a 5-star luxury hotel. 

Durability and Longevity That Stands the Test of Time

Lastly, you know by now that boucle fabric looks fantastic, but it’s highly durable and long-lasting, too. So when you invest in a quality piece of furniture that’s made with boucle fabric, you know that you will be able to enjoy it for years on end. 

Even though the fabric looks intricate and delicate, it’s actually quite sturdy and can withstand a lot of use, while still looking just as fabulous as the day you first brought it home. Additionally, it tends to be quite easy to clean, so even if you’ve used the piece of furniture for quite a while, it’s simple to restore it and make it look good as new. 

Bring the Beauty of Boucle Fabric into Your Home With a Boucle Bed Frame at Haute Home LA!

There is no doubt that boucle fabric has become a staple in the home furnishing world–so don’t wait any longer to elevate your space with a boucle bed frame from Haute Home LA. 

With our boucle bed frame, you can Instantly transform your bedroom into a dreamy oasis that is warm, comforting, and chic. No matter if the design of your room is minimalist or mid-century modern, a boucle bed frame is exactly what you need to keep your space looking on-trend and sophisticated. 

The dense, soft feel of the boucle fabric means you’ll feel enveloped in luxury each night you lie down for bed. And with an insta-worthy look to it, your bedroom will seem like it came straight out of a magazine! 

Bringing Our Beginner’s Guide on Boucle Fabric to a Close

After reading through this post, you should be able to answer some of your burning questions like, ‘what is boucle fabric made of?’, and ‘what is boucle fabric used for?’. The versatility of the fabric means it looks great in any space, and can instantly elevate the look of any room with its unique texture and soft feel. 

At Haute Home LA, we believe everyone deserves to feel like a queen inside their own home, which is why we’ve made all our furniture pieces high-quality and affordable so you can master the art of luxury decorating without breaking the bank. With premier fabrics and detailed craftsmanship, all of our items are long-lasting and stylish. 

We are known for having the best modular sectional sofa, in addition to the boucle bed frame that we described above. We also have plush sectional sofas, along with other bed frames like cloud bed frame, bliss velvet bed, chandler bed, and more. 

Visit Haute Home LA online today to elevate every corner of your home’s design.

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