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Kiki Velvet Beds

Discover the opulence and sophistication of our Kiki collection - designed to bring a touch of grandeur to your sleeping quarters. Wrapped in luscious velvet, these bed frames are a true delight for the senses, blending comfort and style in one irresistible package. 

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Make a Bold Statement in Your Bedroom With Our Kiki Velvet Beds!

Tired of the mundane? Ready for something that truly stands out and captures your unique style? Look no further. With our Kiki velvet bed frames, you can transform your bedroom into a personal statement of opulence and style. 

Boasting a striking design, dramatic channel tufting, and rich velvet upholstery, these beds are far from ordinary. The real appeal of our Kiki bed frames lies not just in their aesthetic grandeur, but also in their clever functionality. Each bed is designed with storage rails - perfect for those who crave style without sacrificing practicality.

Maybe you’re just now moving into a new space and you want the perfect bedroom centerpiece. Or, perhaps your sleeping quarters are in dire need of an overhaul and you’re looking to breathe fresh life into the space. Whatever the case, you can count on Haute Home LA for help in making your dream bedroom a reality. Here’s why…

Why You Can Count on Haute Home LA As You Upgrade Your Bedroom

When you embark on the journey of transforming your bedroom, you want to ensure that you're investing in quality, style, and longevity. At Haute Home LA, we are committed to providing bed frames that embody these qualities. 

This collection features bed frames that are not just exquisitely designed but also exceptionally crafted. Our focus on quality materials, innovative design, and superior craftsmanship ensures that our bed frames stand out in the crowd.

In addition, we understand that storage space is a common concern in many modern homes. That's why our bed frames are designed with storage rails and footboards, offering you an elegant solution for your storage needs. 

These Kiki Velvet bed frames not only elevate the aesthetics of your bedroom but also enhance its functionality. It doesn’t get much better than that when shopping for bed frames. So, what are you waiting for?

Discover the Difference Firsthand - Get Your Kiki Velvet Bed Frame Today!

Ready to revolutionize your bedroom? It's time to explore the world of luxury, comfort, and style with our velvet bed frames. 

The visual appeal of channel tufting, the tactile pleasure of velvet upholstery, and the practical convenience of built-in storage - these are more than just features, they're transformative elements that can take your bedroom from ordinary to extraordinary.

But, the Kiki series isn’t all we have in store for you. It’s worth exploring our popular cloud bed frames, bouclé bed frames, bliss velvet bed frame, empire bed frames, park avenue bed frames, and venus bed frames

However, you can’t go wrong with our Kiki Velvet Bed Frames - we’d never steer you away from that choice. So, dive into the realm of exquisite design and quality with Haute Home LA, and let us help you bring your dream bedroom to life.

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Kiki Velvet Bed - GreyKiki Velvet Bed - Grey
Kiki Velvet Bed - Grey
Sale priceFrom $1,398.00 Regular price$1,748.00
Kiki Velvet Bed - PinkKiki Velvet Bed - Pink
Kiki Velvet Bed - Pink
Sale priceFrom $1,398.00 Regular price$1,748.00
Kiki Velvet Bed - BlackKiki Velvet Bed - Black
Kiki Velvet Bed - Black
Sale priceFrom $1,398.00 Regular price$1,748.00
Kiki Velvet Bed - CreamKiki Velvet Bed - Cream
Kiki Velvet Bed - Cream
Sale priceFrom $1,398.00 Regular price$1,748.00