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Article: Introducing the Best Velvet Bed Frame in 2023: Upgrade Your Bedroom at Haute Home LA!

Introducing the Best Velvet Bed Frame in 2023: Upgrade Your Bedroom at Haute Home LA!

Introducing the Best Velvet Bed Frame in 2023: Upgrade Your Bedroom at Haute Home LA!

Your bedroom is where you spend a large portion of each day, so having a space where you can wake up and feel like your best self every morning is not something to overlook. If you’ve noticed your bedroom has been feeling a little uninspiring lately, you may consider swapping to a velvet bed frame to upgrade your bedroom’s style and feel like royalty when you wake up each day. 

When you’re ready for a bedroom refresh, head to Haute Home LA to find the best velvet bed frame to complete your space. As you continue reading through this guide, we’ll walk you through what makes for a high-quality velvet bed, and how to ensure you’re only getting the best of the best. 

Why Velvet Bed Frames Are Becoming So Popular

Before we dive into where exactly you can go for the best velvet beds, let’s talk a little bit more about what has made them so popular recently. 

The Timeless Luxurious Appeal of Velvet

Velvet has been a beloved material for use in fashion and interiors for centuries. Part of its long-standing appeal owes to the luxurious and timeless feel it gives off. Whenever velvet is utilized in a space through curtains, furniture, or accessories, it immediately evokes a sense of opulence and royalty, which many people like to feel in their homes.
Plus, velvet is plush and soft to the touch, making any room feel cozy and intimate. Rather than making the room feel stuffy or uncomfortable, velvet brings the best of both worlds to your home. 

The Resurgence of Velvet in Modern Interior Design

If you’ve been on social media at all recently, you’ve probably seen an influencer post a snapshot of her enviable and Insta-worthy bedroom–and you might have even noticed a velvet bed frame in there! Or, maybe you’ve seen home inspiration posts with other velvet furniture pieces like sofas, accent chairs, accessories, and more. 

Women everywhere are falling in love with the look and feel of velvet again. The sleek, modern, and cozy vibe that velvet brings to any room means it pairs well with a number of home interior styles, and can easily elevate any space to instantly bring an air of charm and sophistication. So, it only makes sense why velvet bed frames have seen a resurgence lately as a response to the latest trends. 

What Separates the Best Velvet Bed Frame From the Rest?

Your bedroom is where you spend a good chunk of each day, so finding the best velvet bed frame isn’t something to take lightly. Here are some of the qualities to look for to ensure you find the best velvet bed frame out there. 

Material Quality and Durability

For one, the best velvet bed frame will be made from quality materials that are built to last. Velvet is sometimes known for being an elegant yet high-maintenance material, but high-quality velvet will stay lush and sleek-looking for years. Plus, you want the bed to be durable so normal usage doesn’t turn into permanent damage or visual wear and tear after just a few months. 

Design and Aesthetic Value

There’s no doubt that your bed can really tie your room’s whole vibe together, or make it look outdated and lackluster. When you’re on the hunt for a velvet bed, you’re looking for something that makes you feel like royalty. So, the best velvet beds will have a design and style that complements the overall aesthetic and feel of your bedroom. 

Comfort and Practical Features

At the end of a long day, you want a bed that you can fall into and rest comfortably for hours. Plus, the best beds are comfortable and visually appealing but also have practical features that provide you with ease in your day-to-day life. 

For instance, the best beds will be easy to get in and out of without putting strain on your knees or back. Your bed should be your place of refuge and comfort, which is a feeling that only the best velvet bed frames will evoke. 

Value for the Money

You do need to invest in a high-quality bed to make sure it will last. But, you also don’t need to break the bank just to get a durable and stunning velvet bed frame. There are countless online sellers who claim to have the best velvet bed frames. 

However, you should be aware that top-tier sellers care for their customers and will offer great value for the price you’re paying–not just charge you astronomical prices because they can.  

So, Where Can You Find the Best Velvet Bed Frame Online?

After considering all these points, you probably want to know where exactly you can go to get the best velvet bed online. If you already didn’t know, Haute Home LA is your go-to destination for all stylish home furnishings–including velvet bed frames!

What Makes Haute Home LA Your Trusted Source For Velvet Bed Frames Online?

At Haute Home LA, we have the best velvet bed frame to fit any style or design aesthetic. With stunning, on-trend designs, quality materials and craftsmanship, and personalized care for each of our customers, there is no better shopping experience than you’ll find at Haute Home LA. 

We know that you want to be able to bring your home-inspiration dreams to life, but you don’t want to empty your wallet to do so. That’s why we’ve created incredible furnishings for all corners of your home, including where it counts most–in your bedroom!
As you continue down below, we’ll highlight some of our most popular velvet bed frames so you can decide which one fits best in your bedroom!

The Bliss Velvet Bed Frame

Our Bliss Velvet bed frame is truly the definition of luxury. With gorgeous detailing throughout and a stately design, this bed offers all-encompassing comfort and will make you feel like a queen each night when you go to bed. Surrounded by storage rails that are flawlessly built into the design, this bed is perfect for any woman who needs some extra space for clothing or shoe storage. 

Balancing both form and function, you’ll find three different options available for this bed frame–grey, white, and black–which makes it easy to match the frame to your room’s aesthetic. This bed frame has a modern femininity that any woman can fall in love with. 

The Dolce Velvet Bed Frame

If you really want to make a statement in your bedroom, this is the velvet bed frame for you! The Dolce Velvet bed frame features a sky-high headboard, luscious black velvet throughout, and gold detailing to make you feel like royalty. 

The velvet upholstery is padded for luxury and has a buttery-soft feel, so from dusk to dawn, you will feel like the queen of the castle. The contemporary design style of this bed frame makes it the perfect choice for a modern woman who wants a bed frame that will be a focal point in her bedroom sanctuary. 

The Kiki Velvet Bed Frame

The Kiki Velvet bed frame is a bedroom staple that has instantly become a favorite with our customers. The simple yet sleek design means it’s extremely versatile to fit any woman’s bedroom aesthetic. But, it still offers the same feeling of luxury and class like our other velvet bed frames. Not to mention, this bed comes with built-in storage space that seamlessly fits into the design of the bed to maximize form and function. 

Available in a number of different shades like pink, black, grey, and cream, this velvet bed frame is a perfect choice for women with a modern organic style, modern farmhouse, contemporary, minimalist, and more. 

Other Bed Frames Worth Looking At in Our Catalog

Velvet bed frames are having a moment right now, but you might also want to take a look at some of our other incredible options. For instance, if you’ve ever wondered how to make a cloud bed DIY because you’re worried about the cloud bed cost, you can skip the hassle and heavy lifting and browse our affordable cloud bed frame collection instead! 

We also have a highly-popular boucle bed frame line for women who want to feel like their bedroom is a tranquil sanctuary. The understated and clean design is perfect for anyone with a minimalist or contemporary style in their home. 

Final Thoughts on the Best Velvet Bed Frame

Finding the best velvet bed frame online isn’t difficult when you know where to shop. The variety, quality, and care you’ll find at Haute Home LA rivals any other store you’ll find online. Plus, the stylish and on-trend styles we offer will help you easily transform your bedroom in a way that you didn’t think was possible. 

At Haute Home LA, we have stunning furniture pieces to adorn your entire home with, like the best modular sectional you can find online, functional office furniture, dining tables, lighting, decor, and more. Shop our storefront today to bring your home-inspiration dreams to life. 

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