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Article: How to Choose a Bed Frame: What Type of Bed Frame Should I Get?

How to Choose a Bed Frame: What Type of Bed Frame Should I Get?

How to Choose a Bed Frame: What Type of Bed Frame Should I Get?

How to Choose a Bed Frame: What Type of Bed Frame Should I Get?

Imagine sinking into your dream bed at the end of a long day, enveloped by a frame that feels like a personalized sanctuary. Your bed is where you dream, rejuvenate, and escape from the whirlwind of daily life. 

Now, take that dream and picture it crumbling because you chose the wrong bed frame. The stability is off, the aesthetics don’t vibe, and suddenly, your oasis feels more like a quicksand pit of regret. We’re here to help you avoid this with this complete guide on how to choose a bed frame.

The pressure to pick the perfect bed frame is real and it can be overwhelming. You’re not just buying furniture - you're investing in your well-being, your personal retreat, and perhaps a key chapter of your life story. So, what type of bed frame should I get? 

By the time you finish reading this guide to choosing a bed frame, you’ll have your answer. Here at Haute Home LA, we have a stunning selection of durable, high-quality bed frames to choose from. 

Whether you prefer the comforting ambiance of a cloud bed or you want the luxurious feel of a velvet bed, your new frame is just a click away. But first, let’s highlight the significance of choosing the right bed frame.

The Importance of Choosing a Bed Frame That Elevates Your Bedroom

When you walk into your bedroom, the first piece of furniture that naturally captures your attention is the bed. It's the centerpiece of your private world, an intimate space that echoes your personal style and impacts your mood. 

Choosing the right bed frame isn't just a matter of aesthetics or utility - it's a decision that can influence your emotional well-being. Here’s how.

The Psychological Impact of a Well-Selected Bed Frame

Believe it or not, your bed frame can have a profound psychological impact. It's a subconscious symbol of comfort, safety, and even your approach to life. 

Have you ever had a night of restless tossing and turning in a hotel room or a guest bed that just didn't “feel right”? That's your brain sending signals that it’s not in a trusted, comfortable environment. 

On the other hand, sleeping in a bed that feels secure, supported, and aesthetically pleasing can promote a sense of peace and well-being.

The psychology of color and material also comes into play. For instance, a darker wood might evoke a sense of grounding and stability, while a light metal frame might make the space feel open and airy. 

Even the height of your bed frame can affect how you perceive your bedroom space. A low-to-the-ground frame may offer an earthy, relaxed vibe, whereas a tall, commanding frame can evoke feelings of grandeur and elegance.

Why It's More Than Just Furniture: The Bed Frame as the Anchor of the Room

When you think about a bed frame, you might consider its primary function: to hold your mattress. But the influence of a well-chosen bed frame goes beyond the utilitarian. It anchors the entire room, setting the tone for your bedroom decor. 

If your bed frame is ornate and luxurious, it can make the room feel opulent, even if the rest of the furniture is simple. If it's minimalistic, it lends an air of modernity and efficiency to the space.

Furthermore, a bed frame serves as a visual guide for the rest of your bedroom furniture. Your nightstands, dressers, or even wall art might play off elements from your bed frame, creating a unified and cohesive aesthetic. 

And let’s not forget about space utilization. A frame with built-in storage can drastically change how you use your room, making it a multifunctional space for rest, work, and storage. That being said, here is how to choose a bed frame…

How to Choose a Bed Frame: Tips on Navigating the Different Styles On the Market

Ready to learn how to choose a bed frame? It’s as simple as applying the 3 P’s: practicality, price, and personality. We’ll help you navigate the ins and outs of choosing a bed frame below, starting with the role of durable, long-lasting materials.

Durability That Will Stand the Test of Time

When you’re out shopping for a bed frame, you'll often come across three main types of materials: wood, metal, and upholstered

Wooden frames offer a timeless, traditional aesthetic and are incredibly sturdy. Metal frames have a modern flair, are generally lighter, and tend to be less expensive. Upholstered frames offer a plush, luxurious feel and allow for more customization in fabric and color.

Bed frames often feature a combination of these three materials these days. Whichever you choose, just be sure to look beyond the material itself - assess the quality of the material. 

Solid hardwoods like oak or maple are exceptionally durable, although often more expensive. Engineered woods and metals can also offer solid longevity, especially when treated with advanced finishes that resist scratching and wear.

The last thing you want is a cheap bed frame that ends up needing replacement just a few years down the road. The reviews will help you get a sense of what you can expect in terms of quality if you’re shopping online.

Always look for a robust warranty - ideally, one that extends beyond a decade. This isn't just about the peace of mind a warranty offers, but also what it tells you about the manufacturer's confidence in its own product. If they're willing to back it for an extended period, you can be more secure in its construction and durability.

Stability That Supports Your Mattress

You've invested in a quality mattress, so don't let a poorly designed frame undermine that investment. A stable bed frame should not wobble or squeak when you move. 

Check the frame's slats or platform. They should be evenly spaced and tightly secured to prevent sagging and improve mattress longevity.

An additional central support beam or under-bed corner braces can make all the difference in ensuring that the bed frame is structurally sound particularly in queen and king sizes. 

These features can significantly enhance the frame's ability to support your mattress evenly, contributing to a more restful night's sleep.

Aesthetics That Elevate Your Sleep Sanctuary

Remember, your bed frame is often the focal point of your bedroom. Whether you're a fan of the minimalist Scandi look or prefer a more traditional, ornate style, choose a bed frame that echoes your personal aesthetic and brings harmony to your space.

  • Contemporary: Sleek lines, neutral colors, and minimalistic designs characterize contemporary bed frames. These often go well with modern home decor and offer a sense of simplicity and openness.
  • Traditional: Think ornate wooden headboards, plush upholstery, and rich dark stains. Traditional frames exude a sense of history and grandeur, making your bedroom feel like a luxurious retreat.
  • Bohemian: Wrought iron frames, or even wooden frames with intricate carvings, can evoke a bohemian vibe. They're often complemented by colorful textiles and eclectic decor.
  • Scandinavian: Light-colored woods, clean lines, and functional designs are hallmarks of this style, creating a sense of tranquility and organized space.
  • Industrial: If you like raw materials and a sense of edginess, metal frames with exposed bolts and an austere design might be for you. These frames pair well with minimalistic, modern decor but can also break the monotony of a too-safe design scheme.

Once you have a style in mind, consider how it will fit with your existing furniture and decorations. If your bedroom has a lot of wood elements, a wooden frame that matches the wood color can create a harmonious look. Similarly, if you have a lot of metal accents, a metal frame can seamlessly fit into your decor.

Color can significantly impact your bedroom's atmosphere. Are you going for serene and peaceful, or cozy and intimate? Lighter shades can make your room appear larger and airier, while darker tones can create a sense of coziness. Ensure your bed frame either complements or thoughtfully contrasts with your room's color scheme.

Don’t forget the role of textiles in amplifying your bed frame’s aesthetic appeal. An upholstered frame, for instance, offers the opportunity to introduce fabric textures like velvet or linen into your space, lending an extra layer of elegance or coziness.

Finally, headboards and footboards are more than just functional elements; they can dramatically alter the look of your bed frame and, by extension, your entire bedroom. Whether you opt for a plush upholstered headboard for a luxurious feel or a wooden one with sleek, geometric patterns, these elements serve as the perfect finishing touches.

Sizing Your Bed Frame Correctly

While it might seem obvious, ensuring that your bed frame fits your mattress is just the first step. You also need to consider the full dimensions of the frame itself - especially if it includes an extended headboard or footboard - and how it will fit within the entire room layout.

Height is often an overlooked dimension. A low-profile frame may be fashionable, but it might not provide the under-bed storage you require. Conversely, a tall bed frame may offer lots of storage but could overwhelm a small room.

Box Spring or No Box Spring?

Some traditional bed frames require a box spring to provide adequate support for your mattress. Contemporary designs often include solid platforms or closely spaced slats, eliminating the need for a box spring and offering a sleeker, more modern appearance.

Keep in mind that the presence or absence of a box spring can dramatically alter the comfort level of your bed, affecting everything from mattress breathability to overall bed height.

Storage Considerations: Maximizing Under-Bed Space

Depending on your storage needs, you might prefer a bed frame with built-in drawers for linens or seasonal clothing. If you'd rather have more flexible storage options, consider a higher frame that allows for storage bins to be tucked underneath.

Ensure the under-bed storage is easily accessible. If the bed frame is too low or the drawers are poorly designed, accessing your stored items can become a frustrating chore.

Factoring in Budget: Getting a Quality Bed Frame Without Breaking the Bank

Yes, you often get what you pay for, but that doesn't mean you need to break the bank for a quality bed frame. Look for mid-range options that offer a good balance of durability, aesthetics, and special features. 

During sales or with discounts, you may be able to snag a higher-end frame at a more affordable price. But, again - you don’t want to skimp on quality.

Think about it like this: you spend (hopefully) at least 7-8 hours in your bed a night. This, coupled with the impact your bed frame has on your health and happiness, is reason enough to splurge on quality that elevates your home.

There you have it - how to choose a bed frame. With all these factors in mind, it’s time we pointed you towards some of the top styles to choose from at Haute Home LA. So, what type of bed frame should I get?

So, What Type of Bed Frame Should I Get?

Knowing how to choose the right bed frame is just one piece of the puzzle. Actually uncovering a bed frame that meets your needs is a whole separate beast. Fortunately, you won’t have to look far. 

Here at Haute Home LA, we have an unparalleled selection of luxury bed frames in store for you. From cloud bed frames to velvet frames and more, we’ve got it all!

So, what type of bed frame should I get? We’ll talk you through it below so you can pick the perfect frame the first time around.

Cloud Bed Frame

First things first…what is a cloud bed? Simply put, the epitome of luxury and comfort balanced together. With its plush upholstery and generously cushioned headboard, it's designed for those who want their bedroom to be a haven of coziness. 

The meticulous craftsmanship ensures longevity, making it an investment piece that you'll cherish for years to come. If your aim is to create a serene, cloud-like atmosphere in your bedroom, this is the bed frame for you.

Check out our cloud bed frame and see what the hype is all about. Or, learn more about the cloud bed cost or how to make a DIY cloud bed in our blog. Otherwise, let’s introduce the best velvet bed frames online…

Velvet Bed Frame

Velvet brings a touch of luxury and texture to any room. It's sumptuous, it's lavish, and it elevates the aesthetic of your sleep sanctuary. And, we have three different velvet styles to choose from.

  • Dolce velvet bed: This bed is an exercise in understated elegance. The Dolce offers a smooth velvet finish that pairs excellently with both neutral and vibrant color schemes
  • Kiki velvet bed: Known for its tufted headboard and rich color options, the Kiki Velvet Bed is a statement piece that encapsulates luxury and sophistication.
  • Bliss velvet bed: If sleek and modern are what you're after, the Bliss Velvet Bed offers clean lines and a minimalist design, while still providing that soft, plush velvet finish.

You can learn more about these types of bed frames in our blog, with tips on how to clean velvet bed and why they’re so great. Otherwise, here are a few other styles you can choose from at Haute Home LA if you’re still wondering - what type of bed frame should I get?

Other Popular Styles We Have In Store For You at Haute Home LA

  • Chandler bed: Perfect for those who love modern yet timeless pieces, the Chandler bed features a beautifully designed wooden frame.
  • Venus bed: This bed's unique upholstered headboard makes it a standout piece that offers both style and substance.
  • Boucle bed: With textured upholstery, the Boucle Bed brings tactile pleasure into the bedroom, perfect for those looking to add a bit of flair.
  • Empire bed: Suited for grander, more opulent bedroom settings, the Empire Bed comes with an intricately designed headboard that's sure to turn heads.
  • Park avenue bed: Elegant, sophisticated, and quintessentially New York. This bed provides a balanced blend of comfort and high fashion.
  • Bardot bed: This bed's sleek, leather upholstered design and modern silhouette make it a top choice for those looking to make a statement in their bedroom.

Still wondering to yourself - what type of bed frame should I get? While we hope this guide on how to choose the right bed frame has empowered you to shop with confidence, we are just a click away ready to offer expert insights. Don’t hesitate to reach out!

Final Thoughts on How to Choose the Right Bed Frame

That concludes our buyer’s guide on how to choose a bed frame. While you came here feeling stressed and uncertain about what type of bed frame to get, you should now have complete clarity as to how to navigate the path forward. 

So, what type of bed frame should I get? Each of the bed frames we shared today brings something unique to the table - whether it's the luxurious comfort of the Cloud, the tactile allure of the Velvet collection, or the wide range of design-forward options among our other popular styles. 

At Haute Home LA, you don't just buy a bed frame - you invest in an experience that elevates your bedroom to a personal sanctuary. 

So now that you know how to choose a bed frame, come browse our online storefront and find the bed frame that not just suits your needs but also fulfills your desires. 

A better sleep sanctuary is just a click away!

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